Welcome to MMM College of Nursing

College Anthem

We have a vision,
Moving with a mission
Care with compassion,
Is our only passion

Pressing on to love,
Motto lies to serve
To the sick and pain,
Is our only aim

With our hearts we revere,
Casting away our fear
Lifting up our college name
Making a world wide fame


As MMM College Of Nursing We Come,
All Our Vibrance We Sum
To Give Our Very Best,
Moving On With Zest
With The Zeal To Move,
Coming Out Of Our Groove
Making Difference Around
As Humanity To Surround

Nursing Is Our Calling,
Uplift Sick And Ailing
When We Pledge The Oath
Moving Towards The Growth

Quality Is What We Seek,
To Remain Humble And Meek
Running Towards New Heights,
Crossing (Our) Barriers Of Frights